ZeroToOne 茶創樂

茶創樂於2016年創立,以使中國茶文化年輕化為目標,推出新會柑普洱茶、普洱花茶、水果茶、咖啡普洱茶、茉莉花綠茶、白茶等一系列精品茶葉,以及周邊產品,包括茶具、泡茶專用水樽和”茶仔”周邊禮品。茶葉產品中小紅柑普洱禮盒更贏得香港智營設計大賞2017 - 公司組 (企業宣傳禮品) - 銀獎。來到2018年,茶創樂積極擴展更多銷售渠道,並於尖沙咀K11商場開設第一間旗艦店。


ZeroToOne is established in 2016 with the aim to promote Chinese tea culture to youngsters. Specialty tea products, including the Xinhui Tangerine Pu’er Tea series, Floral Pu’er Tea series, Fruit Tea series, Peony Green Tea series, White Tea series and Coffee Pu’er Tea are created, as well as peripheral products, for instance, tea sets, tea bottles and “Teamon” peripherals. After the success in displaying our products in a couple of conferences, our Tangerine Pu’er Tea Gift Box won the Hong Kong Smart Design Award 2017 - Corporate Group (Corporate Promotional Group) - Silver Award. And in this year, ZeroToOne is extending its distribution channels and launching its own flagship store in K11, Tsim Sha Tsui.

“Zero To One” describes the process of creating something radically new and taking it to the first step or intensive growth. It is easier to do things from “1 to n” than “zero to one”.

ZeroToOne believes tea is healthy, delicious and fun. It is also the second most popular drink on the planet after water. Tea is simple but precious, because it really brings people over the world together and makes everyone happy.

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11am - 9pm daily